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Australia’s own border wall 11 March 2019

Migration by numbers 5 November 2018

Why Labor should break the refugee deadlock 25 October 2018

A community fix for the affordable housing crisis (an excerpt from my book  No Place Like Home: Repairing Australia’s Housing Crisis ) 20 September 2018

Buyer’s luck Carolyn rented, Peter purchased, and then the market (and bad policies) took over (an excerpt from my book  No Place Like Home: Repairing Australia’s Housing Crisis ) 18 September 2018

Housing: It’s time for the lucky to share some of their good fortune Opinion 16 September 2018

Build-to-rent: a potential solution to Australia’s housing problem An excerpt from my book  No Place Like Home: Repairing Australia’s Housing Crisis 16 September 2018

“You don’t see people sleeping on the streets” Finland’s Housing First strategy has all but eradicated homelessness. Could the same approach work in Australia? 7 September 2018

Where now for immigration policy? How will Scott Morrison respond to pressure from the Coalition’s right to cut immigration? 29 August 2018

Lies, damn lies and migration statistics Peter Dutton’s departure from the home affairs ministry is an opportunity to reset Australia’s debate about population and migration 2 August 2018

All work, no stay? Is the idea of Australia as a nation of permanent settlement giving way to a new reality of Australia as a guest worker society?  (Data rich interactive with SBS Digital Creative Labs) 20 August 2018

Remembering the Dunera A shared experience of wartime internment created an enduring “fictive kinship” 13 July 2018

OK Let’s make some music A new project shows the role music can plan in addressing youth homelessness 22 January 2018

In search of a national housing strategy If we’re serious about affordable housing then funds need to start flowing and that means biting the bullet on tax 6 December 2017

Housings taxes: getting from here to there A shift from stamp duty to property taxes will making housing fairer and more efficient 4 December 2017

Does public housing have a community-run future? Projects in Australia and Britain are showing how social housing can be more nimble and responsive 30 November 2017

Making a different kind of history Lunch with the controversial custodian of Australia’s borders, Mike Pezzullo 28 July 2017

Dealing cities in Malcolm Turnbull’s efforts to bring the federal government back into urban policy will be put to the test in Western Sydney 3 July 2018

The department of perverse effects The government’s toughening of citizenship rules would worsen the problems it seeks to tackle 16 June 2017

Counting the not quite Australians New data reveals a growing group of long-term temporary migrants 16 June 2017

Surfing with Singer Philosopher Peter Singer puts a simple case for altruism. Too simple, perhaps? 31 May 2017

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