Launching Griffith Review Who We

I’m helping to launch Who We Are, the latest edition of Griffith Review, co-edited with Julianne Schultz, in Canberra and Brisbane

Canberra: with Maria Tumarkin and David Hansen, 3pm, Sunday 5 August at Muse Bookshop

Brisbane: with Ashley Hay,  Donna Lu, Stuart Glover and Mirandi Riwoe, 6pm Tuesday 7 August at Avid Reader Bookshop

Also at the Brisbane Writers Festival with Maria Tumarkin and David Peetz on Saturday 8 September

Dark and dangerous thoughts Hobart 9 June 2018Locking horns on immigration and population with a pitchfork-wielding Dick Smith at Hobart’s Festival of Dark and Dangerous Thoughts as part of Dark Mofo 2018, with the Guardian’s Ben Doherty adjudicating. You can read his colleague Stephanie Convery’s assessment of the event in here.


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